Who We Are


Tim has very quickly developed various skills in brand building, software development and content creation from his experience working with national and international SMEs (Small-Medium Enterprises) through his own consulting business.

More recently Tim has become involved in the fast-growing blockchain industry building his own personal brand by educating his audience about various blockchain projects, sharing his extensive knowledge as well as co-founding FTSO AU; a time-series data provider.

Among his core ethos is; value, he has a firm understanding of how to provide true value and will go above and beyond on any project he works on to ensure success for his clients and customers.


Neil has an extensive background as a Senior Applications Specialist and HP-UX Systems Admin.

Starting with EDS in 1999, working with large OEMs to automate their business processes, including writing custom post processors using Tcl - a high-level, general-purpose, interpreted, dynamic programming language.

Neil supported customers in Australia, NZ and USA before taking up a role with Siemens in Japan in 2006.

As a Senior Technical Advisor he mentored Nissan Engineers using various design applications.

More recently, Neil has been working on his own e-commerce projects, handling all front-end web development, across various platforms, with CX being a high priority.

He is also a tech enthusiast and crypto investor.