FTSO 信号提供者(FTSO Signal Provider)的工作内容| Flare Network Article

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cn on 14 November 2021

FTSO Signal Providers are integral to the Flare ecosystem. Their role carries responsibility for not only the network as a whole, but those who delegate to them.
Flare代币Spark和F-Asset持有者,如何在Flare Networks产生被动收入? | Flare Networks Article

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cn on 24 July 2021

Flare Networks的一大特色就是Flare时间序列预言机(Flare Time Series Oracle,FTSO),它就像是Flare Networks的心跳一样,持续输出各种各样的交易对喂价数据,如FLR/$和XRP/$。

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