Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most common questions.

Calculation Period
Three random snapshots are taken, in the 23 days preceding the next FlareDrops distribution. All eligible tokens are included in these snapshots.
Claim Amount
The number of FlareDrop tokens that a wallet can claim in any month is based on its relative share of all WFLR in circulation. This explains why your holdings may increase, but the % you receive reduces.
Claim Expiry
You have 67 days to claim your tokens, from the date of the last distribution. 67 days represents 90 days after the start of the calculation period.
Eligible Tokens
Any wrapped FLR (WFLR) and actively staked FLR are eligible for FlareDrops snapshots. Stake that has expired and been returned to your p-chain address is not eligible for snapshots.
Grace Period
Following the latest distribution, there is a 7 day grace period where no snapshots will occur. This allows time for token holders to claim their new tokens with no risk of missing a future snapshot.

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