Getting Started

Articles To Help You Get Started

We have compiled an Index of articles designed to help you get started on your journey with Flare Networks and associated projects.
This index is not exhaustive and will be added to over time.
Suggestions for articles are always welcome, please message us through the Contact page or on Twitter.

- Songbird Launch Date
- Flare Network Launch Date
- Glossary Of Terms
- Frequently Asked Questions
- How The FTSO (Flare Time Series Oracle) Works
- The Important Role Signal Providers Play
- Useful Links and Learning Resources
- Community Tools
- Using The Block Explorer
- An Introduction To The State Connector
- State Connector & Attestation Providers
- Fast, Decentralised, Fully Insured Bridging with LayerCake
Delegating Your Votes
- A Conceptual Overview Of The Delegation Process
- Factors You Should Be Considering When Delegating Your Votes
- How Your "Detachable" Vote Works
- Vote Delegation & Reward Epochs Explained
- Signal Provider Reward Rates Explained
- Claiming Rewards Using The FTSO Reward Manager
- Check Your Delegation Using The Songbird Explorer
- Delegating Using The Songbird Explorer
- Wrap, Delegate & Claim Troubleshooting Guide
Projects On Songbird & Flare Network
- Flare Builders
Songbird Canary Network
- List Of Exchanges Distributing $SGB Token
- A Guide To the Songbird Block Explorer
Technical Guides For Developers
- Flare Node Set-up on Amazon Web Services
- XRPL Basic Node Set-up on Amazon Web Services
- Songbird Observation Node Tutorial on AWS
- How To Become An FTSO Data Provider
- Go-Flare Helper Script
Wallet Set-up & Configuration
- Configuring MetaMask For Coston Testnet
- Configuring MetaMask For Songbird Network
- Configuring Bifrost For Songbird
- Connect To Our App Using D'Cent Wallet
- Setting Up A Ledger With Metamask
- Connecting To Flare Main Network
- Add Songbird Account To Ledger Live
- Send & Receive Songbird (SGB) Using Ledger Live