The First Community Built NFT Platform | Sparkles Article

Posted in
Projects on 26 June 2021

Sparkles is excited to be the first community built platform to bring NFT's to the Flare Network. Utilizing the Flare Networks will address the transaction speed and gas fee problems currently experienced with NFT's, open up the world of NFT's to a whole new user base, and help unlock utility, bringing so many possibilities not yet seen or explored.
True Ownership Of Game Play | Gala Games Article

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Projects on 27 May 2021

Gala Games wants to take the gaming industry into a completely different direction from where it is now. Knowing what the goal of Gala Games as a company is important in understanding why blockchain is the tool that will make this vision into reality.
Aurei On The XRP Ledger | Trustline Inc. Article

Posted in
Projects on 20 May 2021

Aurei is the first non-native decentralized asset and the first crypto-collateralized stablecoin to be issued on the XRPL.
Decentralized Finance Built On The Flare Network | Flare Finance Article

Posted in
Projects on 04 May 2021

A short introduction to the Flare Finance ecosystem consisting of FlareX, FlareFarm, FlareUSD, FlareLoans, FlareMine, and FlareMutual.

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