Add Songbird Account To Ledger Live | How To Guides

Before You Start

~ You need to set up ledger live with your device.

~ Now make sure to update the firmware of your Ledger.

~ Lastly, make sure you install and update the Ethereum app to the latest version.

Adding Songbird (SGB) Account To Your Ledger Live

1./ In the left side menu bar, go to Accounts.

2./ In the middle of the screen, click + Add account.

3./ Select Songbird (SGB) from the dropdown list. You can filter by starting to type Songbird.

4./ Connect your device to Ledger Live, and unlock it. Follow any prompts asking you to open the Ethereum app. The Songbird app will be installed and synchronised on your Ledger device.

5./ Click Add account. If you have more than one address, they'll all be listed. Select which addresses you wish to add.

That’s it, the Songbird (SGB) account is added to your Portfolio and Ledger device.