Bridging & Farming XDC on Songbird | Ēnosys

Disclaimer: The information provided is for educational purposes only, participation on any 3rd party platforms, such as Ēnosys, is done so at your own risk.

If you haven't already added Songbird network to your MetaMask, you can do so by following these instructions.

Next, you're going to want to add the XDC network and WXDC. Following the same process as above, but this time using the folowing details:

Network Name: XDC Network


Chain ID: 50

Symbol: XDC

Block Explorer:

Now add these tokens: WXDC Token Address (XDC Network): 0x951857744785E80e2De051c32EE7b25f9c458C42

Switch back to Songbird network to add the last tokens: exXDC Token Address (Songbird Network): 0xC54De96302981f87a6F80E4607593681B44d670c

Fortunately, Flare Community have created a video showing the above steps and the remainder of the bridging process. The end of the tutorial shows bridging using the SolidiFi wallet.

The next tutorial demonstrates adding your tokens to a liquidity pool and farming on Ēnosys using your newly bridged exXDC tokens.

If you'd prefer to read through the process, please follow this guide from Ēnosys.