An FAssets Dashboard Preview | Flare Network

In this video you're getting a sneak preview of the brand new platform, which facilitates the core operations of the FAssets system.

This system is being developed by Flare Labs and allows non-smart contract tokens like XRP, BTC and DOGE to be used trustlessly with smart contracts on Flare, such as in DeFi.

The UI gives users access to minting FAssets and participating in collateral pools, which is all supported by the backbone of the system, the agents who provide collatoral for FAssets and facilitate the process.

A single glance at the FAsset Dashboard offers insigthful analytics such as the total value of minted FAssets and easy access to minting and collateral pools.

Connect your favourite wallet such as MetaMask, Coinbase or any wallet supported by Wallet Connect.

With your wallet connected, you're presented with a snapshot of any FAssets you hold and collateral pools you are participating in.

As you navigate to the Mint page you are presented with an FAsset summary displaying the total supply, your position and rewards accrued from collateral pools, and cross-chain incentive pool participation. This is all shown in USD, calculated from the FTSO decentralized price feed.

From this view, you can select to redeem any assets in your position, back to it's underlying token, like FBTC back to BTC.

Agents available to mint FAssets through are listed showing their fee and minting capacity. With an agent selected you're provided with statistics on their performance including their historical portfolio value, minting fee, times liquidated, number of completed mints and their held collateral.

Minting is as easy as specifying the number of tokens you wish to convert to an FAsset, sending your tokens to the agent waiting for the State Connector to prove the transaction, and finally receiving your FAssets, backed by the agents collateral.

An additional way to participate in the FAssets system, is to enter agents pools by supplying tokens to boost an agents available collateral, and earn a share of their fees.

The pools dashboard isn't just a tool, it's a lens offering a clear view into the FAssets total value locked, volume, your portfolio position and rewards awaiting claim.

For any pools you're currently supplying tokens, actions such as claiming rewards, withdrawing out of the pool, or depositing more, are made available to you. You can also explore all the pools you may wih to join.

We can now begin imagining how we might interact with the FAsset system when it's released to all Flare users.

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