Delegation Process Overview | Flare Network

We'll write a new post, outlining the process on Flare, when the network has passed the Observation mode, sometime in September 2022. Until then, the below information is for your reference only.

Post updated with links to current delegation methods on the 9th of November 2021.

There are currently several ways you can delegate your tokens to a signal provider, it all deepnds on how you custody your tokens, below are some guides to follow;

~ MetaMask

~ Bifrost Wallet

~ D'Cent Wallet

~ Ledger & MetaMask

Please refer to our blog for more tutorials on how else you can participate on the Songbird Network.

The below information is out of date but kept for information purposes only.

We're expecting the delegation process to be a quick and simple one, with the ability to change who your votes are delegated with and by what % of your holdings with ease.

Italics: Theoretical


1 FTSO AU Smart Contract: Smart contract hosted on EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) with functions to interact with blockchain addresses.

2 FTSO AU App: An interface that users can signup and log into to manage their individual account hosted at

Delegation Steps:

1./ A user with 𝑥 amount of Spark (FLR) wraps their FLR into WFLR using the WFLR smart contract 1 to receive 𝑥 WFLR (1:1).

2./ The user then delegates their WFLR vote power to FTSO AU using a method dependant on the wallet the user uses:

~ (TBC) Navigate to FTSO AU delegate page
~ In the delegation form, select ‘Delegate All’ or enter the amount of WFLR to delegate to FTSO AU then click ‘Submit’.
~ Follow the MetaMask window prompts to complete the Web3 transaction.

~ (TBC) Navigate to Bifrost wallet
~ Open the ‘Delegate’ page and search for ‘FTSO AU’
~ Enter the amount of WFLR to delegate to FTSO AU then click ‘Submit’.

3./ Verify that your delegation is complete by visiting

4./ Once the delegation is complete no further action is required by the user to earn rewards from their delegation to FTSO AU.
    a. The user always retains full custody of tokens
    b. Tokens remain fully transferable, even without the need to unwrap from WFLR to FLR.
    c. The amount of voting power (weight) provided by the user is found from the users WFLR balance, therefore, the users voting weight provided to FTSO AU is updated automatically.

Wrap & Delegate Concept

Tim's created a video showing how this might work conceptually - It does not show the full functionality of Flare Networks.

He's also used a mock-up of a wallet ... and yes, we're aware the 2nd delegation when he selects 50% should have delegated 375 WFLR. ;-)

As previously stated, we'll continue to update this post as more information is released.

We suggest you visit these official pages for up to date information - Flare Network, MetaMask and Bifrost