Flare Node Set Up On AWS | Flare Network

I'm going to be showing you how to set up a Flare Node on AWS - Amazon Web Services.

I'm not going to be running this node on my local computer I'm going to have it on an external server and that way i can open up to the public.

It's going to be a Flare Node for me to host privately or i can share it with friends or whoever i want.

I'll use it when connecting to metamask for example, so we can send commands to the RPC endpoint.

Here's the documentation that we've been given by Flare Networks and this gives us everything we need to know about getting set up.

You can download Postman here and for the Avalanche Postman Collection here's a link to the Github.

Here are the dependencies and this is what's going to be required of us and our server:

~ 64-bit Architecture

~ 2 Gigahertz or faster CPU

~ 4 Gigabytes of RAM

~ Minimum of 2 Gigabytes of hard disk storage

We're then going to need;

Ubuntu as our OS, which is going to need to be the minimum of 18.04 or greater.

We're going to need to install GO version 1.14.3

Once you install GO we have to set up few path variables. We have to make sure we have Node installed, Yarn installed and JSON Parser which is JQ.

We'll then install cURL, then of course we're going to be installing the node.

Enjoy the tutorial.

For more technical videos you can visit my [YouTube](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeF146a-oUHELpzuFvGSyYQ).