Flare TDE - What You Need To Know | Flare Network

Please Read Thoroughly

1./ Eligible participants will receive the 15% initial FLR distribution at the TDE. TDE will commence at 11:59pm UTC on Jan 9 and will take up to a few hours to complete.

If you held your XRP on an exchange at the time of the Snapshot (12/12/2020) you simply need to wait for participating platforms to distribute to their eligible customers. Timeframes will vary and more info on exchanges can be reviewed here.

2./ If you utilized a self custody method you would access your FLR utilizing the ETH style address used as the message key when you made your claim. If you already imported that original ETH wallet to another, such as Bifrost Wallet, your FLR will be accessible (appear) in the new wallet at TDE.

Step by step wallet guides can be found in our user guide section of the Flare website here.

3./ The distribution method for the remaining airdrop amount is dependent on the outcome of the governance proposal (FIP.01). Voting for FIP.01 will be triggered once 66% of the initial 15% of FLR is in the hands of intended recipients. No single exchange will delay this process. Please review the full proposal here.

4./ Subsequent monthly airdrop distributions will not commence until sometime after governance voting on FIP.01 is complete.

5./ Wrapping your FLR and setting delegations to FTSO signal providers will be enabled at TDE which is during reward epoch #1. However, FTSO rewards will not begin to accrue until the start of epoch #3.

~ Reward epochs on Flare last 3.5 days:

Mon 7:00am UTC - Thurs 7:00pm UTC, Thurs 7:00pm UTC - Mon 7:00am UTC.

~ To begin accruing rewards in epoch #3 participants are encouraged to set their delegations by Friday night UTC Jan 13 as the vote power block occurs randomly in the last 50% of blocks in each epoch.

~ Those who set their delegations in time will begin accruing rewards at the start of epoch #3 on Jan 16.

~ Participants can begin claiming FTSO rewards at the start of reward epoch #4 on Thursday Jan 19.

~ All rewards from epochs 1 & 2 will be burned

Additional resources & delegation guides can be found here.

6./ Have FLR tokenomics questions? We got you covered here.

7./ Block and report all DM’s from anyone who contacts you first offering any kind of help. They are imposters / scammers!