FTSO AU Expand With FTSO US Acquisition | Flare Network

Welcome New Visitors From FTSO US!

FTSO AU are an established Signal Provider to the, soon to be released, Songbird and Flare Networks.

We're an active member, in many areas, of the Flare Network ecosystem.

Our risk free vote delegation service is available to all owners of Songbird ($SGB) and Spark ($FLR) Tokens globally.

We can be found at the following socials; FTSO AU Twitter, Discord, YouTube, LinkedIn and of course from where you've come FTSO US Twitter.

If you're new to Flare Network we suggest you start with our "Getting Started" index of posts and pages.

Expanding Our Existing FTSO AU Operation

The opportunity to acquire FTSO US arose and we seized it.

Our intention to develop the entity is aligned with our company ethos - "Provide Value".

We've discussed several options internally and also met and discussed ideas with the Flare Network team, who've communicated them with Hugo.

Several of the unique ideas on the table involve various technical unknowns which will become more apparent when we've had the chance to test on Songbird.

While we confirm the development direction we take, we plan to redirect all FTSO US visitors to our FTSO AU service.

Any service offered on FTSO AU or FTSO US will be available to ALL customers regardless of their geographic location - You may also choose to use both services.

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Any questions please message us through the Contact Page or through any of our socials.