Fast, Decentralised, Fully Insured Bridging | LayerCake

LayerCake is a secure and scalable cross-chain protocol that solves some of the biggest problems inherent in bridging.

It leverages Flare to safely and trustlessly bridge assets between any two smart contract L1s. LayerCake also enables FAssets to flow to any other smart contract chain.

Key Components:

~ Fast, decentralised, fully insured bridging for smart contract tokens.

~ A step change in security and speed bridging.

~ Provides zero user collateral bridging of any asset to Flare or between any set of connected smart contract networks, L1 or L2.

~ Allows bridging og FAssets through Flare to any smart contract platform.

~ Universal vs Bilateral. Unifies rather than fragments liquidity.

~ Fast and supersedes the need to rely on SPV proofs for interopability under normal operation.

~ Decentralised and resistant to chain re-organisations.

~ Useful in an environment of proliferating chains and subnets.

Hugo goes through it all in this deep dive video and you can read more about it in the LayerCake Whitepaper.