Our Journey Of Business Transformation | AlgoTech

When FTSO AU was founded in March 2021, our initial goal was to serve as a data provider on the Flare network. However, since then, we have undergone a transformation, expanding our scope far beyond our original purpose.

The introduction of Songbird, albeit causing a delay in the mainnet rollout, provided us with an invaluable opportunity to introduce our data provider service and establish a public node. A quick mention; presently, our Songbird RPC endpoint is receiving an impressive daily traffic of over 2 million hits, a testament to its vital service to the network

As the network underwent evolution, our engagement also experienced a transformation—both at an individual level and as a corporate entity. This progression ultimately prompted Tim's relocation to Dubai in mid-2022, coinciding with the establishment of our company, AlgoTech LLC-FZ. This strategic move was driven by the benefits of a more favorable time zone, enhancing Tim's ability to fulfill his commitments to Flare.

Fast forwarding to the present, our technology stack encompasses:

~ Data provider services on both Songbird and Flare.

~ Songbird public, private and back-up observation nodes (3 in total) with free to access RPC; https://rpc.ftso.au/songbird

~ Flare public, private and back-up observation nodes (3 in total) with free to access RPC; https://rpc.ftso.au/flare

~ Flare validators; FTSO AU #1 NodeID-HZwFckGTbucqTtE7qcv6z85mnScUfAeW6 & FTSO AU #2 NodeID-Bo98cjoi5LvF6jXAMHZZLQYutyeGutBQ1

~ Flare attestation client integrated with underlying chain nodes including BTC, DOGE and Ripple.

~ Virtual machines and load balancers to support our delegation app, FlareMetrics and Flare Builders.

Our involvement in the Flare ecosystem has opened doors to new opportunities, and we're committed to exploring more. In fact, we've already begun offering services to Ēnosys Global since earlier this year, as a member of their initial validator set.

These services include running the following;

~ Apothem / Coston Validator.

~ XinFin / Songbird Validator.

~ Sepolia / Coston Validator.

~ Ethereum / Songbird Validator.

~ Ethereum / Flare Validator.

This evolving landscape and expanding activities have led us to recognize that the FTSO AU brand might not always fit best. The birth of AlgoTech, allows us to better embrace these broader ventures.

Therefore, should you come across any mention of AlgoTech, it pertains to us. It's important to note that this isn't a rebranding; rather, FTSO AU operates as a subsidiary and will continue to do so.