Set-up Ledger Nano With MetaMask | Songbird Network

My setup was a Nano S and Mac.


The steps below will help you to:

A) Connect your Ledger Nano device with MetaMask;

B) Send your Songbird tokens to your Bifrost wallet;

C) Wrap and delegate SGB using the FTSO AU dApp and approve confirmations on your MetaMask and Ledger Nano.

Basic Set-up

1./ Plug in your Ledger Nano device via the USB port.

2./ Update Ledger Live to latest version.

3./ Update firmware on Ledger Nano to latest version.

4./ Go to Ledger Live 'Manager' tab and re-install latest Eth and Songbird apps.

5./ Install / Update MetaMask on Chrome and create/sign-in to your account.

6./ Remember to store and create a backup of your MetaMask seed phrase.

7./ In MetaMask, go to Settings > Advanced and Enable 'Use Ledger Live'.

8./ Add a Custom RPC in MetaMask to connect to Songbird network using the steps here.

Enable The MetaMask To Nano S Bridge

1./ In Ledger Live, go to Accounts > Ethereum and click 'Receive' and go through the process of launching the Eth app on device and confirming the Eth receive address on your Nano device.

2./ Copy the Eth receive address for future reference. This should also be your Flare claim Eth address and same for your SGB tokens.

3./ This preps up your Ledger device to connect with MetaMask web socket bridge.

4./ In MetaMask, use right top corner icon dropdown to 'Connect Hardware Wallet'.

5./ Select 'Ledger' device and click connect.

6./ Enable popup prompts on Chrome to launch 'Ledger Live' application/URL.

7./ Confirm on Ledger Live to enable Web API/socket connection.

8./ Post successful connection, Ledger Live will show a 'Disconnect' button on a popup.

9./ Leave the Ledger Live app open in this state and let's jump to accessing and verifying your Songbird tokens.

Hooray! If you got this far you are doing a great job of keeping up!

Access SongBird Tokens on MetaMask

1./ MetaMask will show a bunch of Nano Ledger Eth addresses to connect to.

2./ Select the Eth Receive address we noted in a prior step above. Generally it should be the first entry. If you do not see your address, use the dropdown to select Legacy/MyEtherWallet (MEW).

3./ Select the 'SongBird' RPC network and viola your airdrop SGB token balance will appear.

Sending Songbirds To Bifrost Wallet

1./ Install Bifrost Wallet on your phone and go through the setup process using steps here.

2./ Remember to store and create a backup of your seed phrase.

3./ After verifying your SGB token balance you can use the Send button in MetaMask to send to your Bifrost SGB Receive address.

4./ Before sending keep the Songbird app on your Ledger device open.

5./ Use this detailed guide to wrap and delegate my Songbird tokens.

Additional Steps

1./ I used the FTSO AU dApp to wrap and delegate without sending Songbirds from MetaMask to my Bifrost wallet.

2./ An additional step here is to go to settings on your Ledger Device Songbird app and enable Blind Signing, see reference to Ledger Support below.

3./ After connecting to MetaMask all transaction confirmations for wrapping etc. were sent to my Nano Ledger for approval.

Easy and secure!

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If you're having troubles, please contact us on Twitter, or Discord.