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Updated Friday 17th September

Songbird has been launched into "Observation Mode".

Observation Mode

Songbird is currently in what we term Observation Mode. The FTSO contracts will be deployed during observation mode and the FTSO system will commence. Observation Mode is intended to allow exchanges, FTSO data providers and developers to deploy on the network in a safe manner. During this period, the network may be rolled back and/or redeployed from Genesis.

If the network and Flare FTSO smart contracts prove stable then Observation Mode will end at 14.00 GMT on 27th September.

Self Custody

Soon, you'll be able to connect to the Songbird Network with a wallet, such as MetaMask. We're waiting on being whitelisted, when we are you'll be able to use our RPC to connect, details can be found in this post Configuring MetaMask Wallet For Songbird Network.

We're expecting this to be available sometime late on Friday the 27th.


It's my best guess that many exchanges will wait until the 27th of September to distribute the $SGB tokens, they've been advised by Flare that they DO NOT make $SGB available for purchase or sale during the Observation Mode.

Any update to this will be communcated as information comes to hand.

For more information on the release of Songbird, please see this post on the Flare Network blog.

Delegating Your Votes

We expect to be able to start testing our STSO service in the very near future. You'll be able to delegate to us from wallets like Bifrost and D'Cent, possibly Ledger. We'll also soon be releasing our app for testing where you'll be able to delegate with us directly.

I strongly suggest you join us on Discord where we'll be coordinating testing activites.

Please also follow us on Twitter for the latest updates as we enter this exciting phase!

Further Reading

The below information was released in late July, some of the dates may be irrelevant now, but the rest is correct.

1./ Introduction of Flare’s Canary Network, “Songbird.” Songbird is a separate blockchain that will serve several important functions as outlined in the Blog. This includes a more robust Community driven Testnet for the eventual Flare main net and a lasting platform for new dApps to utilize for optimization prior to launching on Flare itself.

2./ Songbird will have its own native asset, $SGB.

3./ $SGB will have an onset supply of 15 billion tokens with an inflationary mechanism for STSO (Songbird Time Series Oracle) rewards (10% annually).

4./ $SGB will be distributed to FLR Airdrop participants at a ratio of 0.1511 $SGB per 1 XRP held during the snapshot on 12/12/2020.

5./ There will only be ONE lump sum distribution to eligible participants.

6./ The $SGB distribution is in addition to the $FLR Airdrop, which will come later with Flare main net launch.

7./ The Flare Team has already contacted participating Exchanges and asked them to distribute $SGB to eligible recipients. The Community should also engage with their Exchanges to show support for both distribution AND listing of $SGB. The status of each Exchange and their intention to distribute the $SGB token can be found here.

8./ Eligible Self Custody users can use their ETH style address to interact with their $SGB tokens from a Flare supported wallet (MetaMask, Bifrost etc). Instructions for configuring MetaMask for the Songbird Network can be found here.

9./ Songbird will launch for third party dApp testing and eventually support testing of the STSO / FTSO, State Connector System, and the F-Asset protocol.

10./ Songbird will launch first, in approximately six weeks (from the time the post was written on July 21st) which makes it the end of August or early September.

11./ Flare main net will launch, post final audits, sometime in late September or October this year.

If you're new to Flare Network or just wishing to level up your knowledge I suggest you review our Getting Started page.