Songbird Community Tools | Flare Network

As far as Songbird community tools go, there's two that really stand out.

FlareMetrics developed by our very own Tim Rowley & the self titled dashboard from Jeen Lolkema.

Even if these guys had not been early to market, they'd both still be leading the way with their amazing websites.

FlareMetrics is the go to for all delegators, it displays a wealth of useful information.

It provides up to date information on the top 100 Signal Providers including;

~ Vote Power

~ Vote Power %, which is handy to see with regards to the current 10% VP cap.

~ 24hr VP tracking

~ Reward Rate / 100 tokens delegated.

~ Availability over 6hr period, which highlights any failed submissions.

~ Fee charged by signal provider, this is paid direct from Flare and not taken from any rewards showed owing to you.

~ The region in which the signal provider is based.

There's also a page for checking rewards, which updates regularly throughout each epoch.

Please visit FlareMetrics.

Jeen caught my eye with his spreasheet driven analysis, which he Tweets regularly.

He's since created a beautiful website, packed with useful metrics.

You'll find metrics relating to;

~ Reward Rate

~ Relative Accuracy

~ Epoch APR %

He also provides a useful calculator, because who doesn't like projecting their possible earnings!

Please also visit this website and share them both on your social media so others can benefit too.

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