The First Community Built NFT Platform | Sparkles

What's an NFT?

NFT stands for Non-fungible token, it's a digital asset that represents real-world objects like art, music videos, in-game items ... a Tweet even!

NFT's have been around since 2014 so they're not exactly new, they've just gained higher visibility now as they're a great way to trade digital artwork.

NFT's, as opposed to traditional digital art, are generally one of a kind or limited in number with a contain unique identifying codes. With limited supply comes the possibility of increased value, if the demand requires.

In the past, NFT's have been created from existing ditial artwork, or clips taken from videos ... popular sporting moments from NBA for example.

Introducing Sparkles NFT

Sparkles have created a unique opportunity for artists, creatives and NFT enthusiasts to get involved and have their work showcased on the first-ever NFT marketplace built on the flare networks.

While not only looking to create and sustain a marketplace where the community can create, mint, buy and sell NFTs - their vision is to be a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO).

Sparkles will be built by the community, for the community.

As the launch of Flare Network draws closer as does many of the projects in its ecosystem - Sparkles included.

Sparkles have just launched a Beta competition, calling all digital artists to submit an application.

Beta Competion Overview

The beta test will consist of multiple tasks that assess the users’ skills and knowledge of creating not only great art but also the ability to turn that into an NFT.

  1. Sparkles will be asking participants to submit artwork, logo’s, and brand characters that they feel would be right for the Sparkles brand.

Along with other surprise tasks.

  1. The creators should use social media to promote their artwork they are creating for the beta. The creators will design the logos/artwork and mint them as an NFT. Sparkles encourages all participants to like, buy and sell as many NFT’s as possible.

All this will be done on the Coston test net so no real funds will be transferred during this beta.

If you need help with setting up Coston to MetaMask you can follow our guide.

  1. The Sparkles team will have daily winners announced for the most NFT’s sold, most NFT’s liked and other surprise categories to be added later. The competition will run for around 1 week.

More details will be released on the Sparkles Discord, so please join them there.

Contributors Get Rewarded

The Sparkles team will select individuals who will have their sparkles account verified on day one of our main net launch.

That could turn out to being a pretty big deal so it's well worth participating.

This will also grant you access to the platform early so that you will have your store up and running before the official public launch.

Again, another great incentive to get involved early and join the community now.

I reached out to Shane, the CMO at Sparkles, and he had this to say ...

Sparkles is excited to be the first community built platform to bring NFT's to the Flare Network. Utilizing the Flare Networks will address the transaction speed and gas fee problems currently experienced with NFT's, open up the world of NFT's to a whole new user base, and help unlock utility, bringing so many possibilities not yet seen or explored.

We're just as excited as you, Shane!

You can find Sparkles at the following places: Website, Twitter, Discord & Medium