Staking & Delegating Knowledge Bomb | Flare Network

1./ You can stake your FLR to validators on Flare as an alternative to delegating in the FTSO system.

2./ You may see higher rewards staking to validators based on data currently available.

3./ In phase 2, you cannot stake to validators AND delegate in the FTSO system (unless you portion your tokens). This may chang in subsequent phases.

4./ In both cases: staking or FTSO delegation you will earn FlareDrop rewards.

5./ Staking to validators currently requires you to manually collect rewards and re-stake at the end of your chosen lockup period.

6./ You can stake to a maximum of three validators, and in the FTSO system you can delegate to up to two data providers.

7./ The minimum stake duration for a community delegator is 14 days and at maximum until the validators stake end date.

8./ If a stake is made to a validator for longer than the validators end time, the stake will expire when the validators stake ends.

9./ Not all wallets support staking, largely due to staking taking place on Flare's P Chain which is a UTXO chain (similar to Bitcoin).

10./ Wallets known to support Flare staking in some capacity are: Ledger Hardware Wallet via FlareStake; SolidiFi Mobile Wallet (native in-app) and MetaMask via FTSO AU's app.

11./ As time progresses more wallets will likely support Flare staking, including BifrostWallet.

12./ Staking to validators can be slightly more technically challenging compared to delegating in the FTSO system.

13./ All validators must be actively participating as an FTSO data provider.

14./ If a validator's FTSO data provider earns zero rewards for a reward epoch, their validator will be ineligible for any rewards.

15./ If a validator's FTSO data provider is chilled, it will be unable to participate and therefore will not earn validator rewards.

16./ In both cases (chilled or non performant data provider), the loss of rewards extends to community provided stake to that validator.

17./ A validators rewards will only be calculated to a maximum of 5% of the total FLR staked to all validators (rewards will be diluted if a validators stake exceeds 5% of total FLR staked).

18./ A single entity (data provider), is allowed to operate at maximum 4 validators (caveat: the 5% stake cap covers all their validators; ie. 5% of the sum of all four validators stake).

19./ The capacity that a validator may receive community stake is calculated at the validators self bond multiplied by 15 (ie. 3m self bond = 45m capacity)

20./ To find the most comprehensive validator statistics and better understand who to stake to, visit Flare Metrics or Flare Builders

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