Staking With FTSO AU | How To Guides

Important Notice: Staking through with MetaMask requires enabling of "eth_sign".

To enable eth_sign on MetaMask:

1./ Click three dot menu, click ‘Settings’ then ‘Advanced’.

2./ Scroll to bottom to find ‘Eth_sign requests’.

3./ Click the toggle switch then read the dialog and follow steps to enable.

Using eth_sign is considered a less secure method of signing transactions due to the inability for MetaMask to read the data you are signing.

It is recommended that you turn this setting off once you’ve completed the staking process.

For additional security, we also recommend creating a separate account within MetaMask (new address) that is dedicated to staking to isolate your staking funds from other account assets.

All transactions will be performed on the Flare Network (C & P chains).


  • Eth_sign must be enabled in MetaMask.
  • Must have more than 50,000 FLR (ie, 50,000 FLR to stake and an additional 5-10 FLR for gas fees).

Connecting Public Key

1./ Click ‘Connect Public Key’

2./ Read & sign message in MetaMask dialog.

Moving Funds From C-Chain to P-Chain

A minimum of 50,000 FLR is required for a delegator to stake to a validator. Additionally, you must have a small amount of FLR on each C and P chains for gas.

1./ In the ‘Cross Chain’ tab, ensure the destination chain is set to ‘P Chain’.

2./ Enter the amount of FLR you wish to transfer (at least 50,000 + 2-5 for gas fees).

3./ Click ‘Confirm’ then ‘Transfer’ & follow MetaMask signing prompts.

Binding Your Address

If staking for the first time, you will need to bind your C and P chain addresses. This only needs to be done once.

1./ Click the ‘Stake’ tab to the right of ‘Cross Chain’.

2./ Click ‘Bind Address’.

3./ Follow MetaMask signing prompts.

Staking To A Validator

As previously mentioned, the minimum amount that can be staked is 50,000 and for a minimum term of 14 days.

Regardless of the validators expiry date, you’re free to set your own term (subject to the 14 day minimum) and up to the maximum term of the validator. Setting a date beyond the validators expiry will default your stake expiry to the validators end date.

1./ In the ‘Stake’ tab, select a validator to stake to.

2./ Enter the amount you wish to stake (at minimum 50,000 FLR).

3./ Adjust the stake duration (minimum 14 days and maximum of the chosen validators end date).

4./ Click ‘Stake’ & follow MetaMask signing prompts.

With your stake complete, we recommend visiting your MetaMask settings again and disabling eth_sign until you wish to make cross chain transfers or stakes again.


Q. I transferred funds from between C & P chains but my FLR disappeared!

A. This occurs when the import transaction fails on either destination chain. Initiate a new transaction in the same direction to push missing funds through (this may mean transferring a few tokens to the origin chain and then back to the destination chain again).

Q. An error message appears every time I make a transaction.

A. Refresh the app and connect your wallet/public key again.

Q. How do I view the validators I have staked to?

A. On the Stake page, click the ‘Rewards’ tab to view all staked to validators.

Q. I want to stake for less than 14 days but I cannot enter a lower duration.

A. The minimum stake duration is 14 days, this is an on chain parameter.

Q. Can I stake less than 50,000 FLR?

A. The minimum stake amount is 50,000 FLR, this is an on chain parameter.

Q. Can I stake with another wallet other than MetaMask?

A. The FTSO AU app only officially supports staking via MetaMask, other wallets may support staking with our app if they support eth_sign. You can stake using a Ledger device using the official FlareStake.

Q. The validator I want to stake to is not showing in the list!

A. If the validator isn’t currently active or their stake ends in less than 14 days, it will not be shown in the validator list. For more validator statistics visit FlareMetrics.

Q. Will I still be eligible for FlareDrops?

A. Yes, all FLR you actively have staked is automatically mirrored to the C chain and counted in the FlareDrop rewards calculations.

Q. Can I delegate in the FTSO system and also stake my tokens at the same time?

A. You cannot both delegate in the FTSO and stake the same portion of tokens. You can however reserve a portion of your tokens for the FTSO and some for staking.

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