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We're often asked for more information on various topics, mainly from those new to Flare Network, wishing to expand their knowledge.

With that in mind, I thought it would be useful to create a post with links to useful websites, documentation, YouTube channels, social media accounts etc.

Please note, FTSO AU are not responsibile for the information provided by the following resources - It's always best to do your own research.

If you're new to Flare Network i suggest you familiarise yourself with our Getting Started Guide

The list of resources will be updated as more resources become available.


Flare Community

Flare Finance

Flare Network



Gala Games

Sparkles NFT

Exchanges Distributing $SGB Token

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Project Websites:

Celsius Network - Provide a platform of curated services that include fair interest, zero fees, and lightning quick transactions.

Flare Finance - The first DeFi platform build on Flare Network.

Gala Games - Gala Games is a new type of gaming platform, partially owned and operated by its players.

Handshake - Decentralized naming and certificate authority, an experimental peer-to-peer root naming system.

Panther Protocol - An end-to-end privacy protocol for DeFi.

Sparkles NFT - Sparkles is a community-run project to build a platform that allows you to buy, sell and mint NFTs on the Flare Network.

Trustline - A secure P2P credit network.

888TNW - A new NFT marketplace backed by some of the biggest digital artists and collectors in the world.

Signal Providers:

A-FTSO - AFOracle - AlphaOracle - Aureus Ox - BestFTSO - Bifrost Oracle - Bitrue - DeFi Oracles - Flare FTSO - Flare Oracle - FTSO AU - FTSO EU - FTSO Express - FTSO UK - Gala Games - HEWG - KysenPool - Lena Instruments - Optakt - Sun Dara - Towo Labs - Use Your Spark


FTSO AU & Tim Rowley - Co-Founder FTSO AU

Flare Network & Hugo Phillion - Co-Founder & CEO Flare

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Wallets: (With in-wallet delegation)

Bifrost Wallet

D'CENT Wallet


Banjo Samurai - Videos & Tutorials dedicated to the Flare Finance platform.

Crypto Eri - A place to learn about the top performing digital assets, and to educate yourself about the new digital global economy, blockchain, DLT, AI, decentralized finance etc ...

Deep Space Flare - A "Community Lead" YouTube Channel, dedicated to broadcasting information related to Flare Finance & Flare Network.

Flare Community - Deep diving on all things related to the Flare Network

Jungle Inc. - Cryptocurrency Youtuber.

Martin Valk - In-depth analysis and how-to guides.

Mickey B. Fresh - The DeFi Standard - High level & base level discussions for all of the XRP/Flare community that are ready to ‘Level Up’ their knowledge of the ecosystem.

Tim Rowley - Co-Founder of FTSO AU. An Australian tech and business enthusiast. Videos about blockchain tech & Flare Network etc.