XRPL Node Basic Setup On AWS | Flare Network

In this video I'll be showing you how to set up your very own XRP Ledger Node using AWS (Amazon Web Services).

Overview of what we'll be covering;

System Requirements, Cost Of Hosting on AWS, XRPL Node Setup & Configuration along with Adding SSL Support.

System Requirements

~ 2 CPU Cores Minimum, 4 CPU Cores Ideal

~ 8Gb RAM Minimum, 16Gb Ideal

~ 50Gb Storage on SSD / 1000 IOPS

Cost Of Hosting on AWS

At the time of writing this post the costs are;

~ Minimum - T3A.LARGE = USD$65/month

~ Ideal - T3A.XLARGE = USD$105/month

~ Storage - GP3 Volume = USD$45/month

Supporting Documentation as follows:

XRPL Install Documentation

XRPL Capacity Planning

Lets Encrypt Certbot (Ubuntu)

Enjoy the tutorial.

Here's a link to the full transcript of [this video](https://timrowley.net/xrpl-node-setup-on-aws-95f3ee6de135).

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