Flare Network Infrastructure Provider

Providing network validation, data to the Flare Time Series Oracle & attestations to the data connector.

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Trusted by delegators worldwide

Our stats speak for themselves, our delegators support our validators & data providers.

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Earn FLR & SGB Tokens Now

Delegation of tokens to FTSO data providers and network validators carries no risk of loss of tokens.

Risk Free

Delegate Your Vote

A snapshot of each data providers vote power is taken once per reward epoch, and the resulting weight is then used throughout the next reward epoch.

A snapshot block called the vote power block is randomly and retrospectively chosen from the last blocks of the previous epoch (last 50% on Flare, last 25% on Songbird).

Songbird reward epochs start on Saturday morning (GMT).

Flare reward epochs start on Monday morning (GMT) and Thursday evening (GMT).

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Learn about FTSO AU, Flare Network and its protocols.

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How The FAssets System Works | Flare Network

Over 70% of the overall worth of blockchain assets lack smart contracts, rendering them incapable of engaging in the decentralized economy. When you convert these tokens without smart contracts into FAssets, you gain the ability to make them productive by earning yields or rewards within decentralized applications on the Flare network.

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Flare Start Burning 2.1 Billion FLR | Flare Network

Flare, the blockchain platform dedicated to data, has made a significant announcement regarding its token ecosystem. In a move aimed at ensuring the health and sustainability of its ecosystem, Flare has decided to initiate a token burn, removing a substantial portion of its native FLR tokens from circulation.